It used to have links to my GitHub and YouTube profiles.

A while ago I made a Codeberg account and added a link to that. Eventually I decided to remove the GitHub link.

Finding a good YouTube alternative was hard. Eventually I began to work very hard to find a PeerTube instance. Shortly after I found one and uploaded my videos to it (mostly YouTube Poops), the admin removed them and added a banner saying “For the current occasion because a user has almost only uploaded many garbage videos today, we would like to tell that we will not tolerate such behavior and extinguish such garbage.” Then I uploaded them to and they are still there 2 months later. Today I added a link to my PeerTube channel and removed the YouTube link.

That wasn’t enough. I also wanted to stop letting Google mistreat the people who click on my rickroll link which said “my nudes”. But I don’t want to redirect to which probably violates the copyright of the rickroll video. For now I removed the link completely.

This is a big achievement for me.

  • ernest
    55 months ago

    This is great. Hosting videos is still difficult, unfortunately. I think I’ll eventually set up my own instance on a cheap VPS for my few videos that are important to me anyway.