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Luckily, I knew exactly where I screwed, so booted a random linux liveUSB and commented out wrong stuff in fstab. Everything is peachy now. Once I have half an hour, I will redo it properly.

Thank you for your advice.

HELP! I am in an awkward situation: after unsuccessful attempt to mount new disks to my Yunohost, I got the above on the server (old laptop) screen. OF COURSE I have the password, saved in my KeePass. The problem is, there are characters there I do not know how to enter, like **ô¼Î** etc. Hints welcome.

“KIA” means being killed by the Russians and their expeditionary colonial forces. As there is (according to the Russians) no war, their forces, since invading Ukraine, carry on committing mass, serialized and organized murder. The status of a victim – a bystander or an active defender – doesn’t change the fact. Russians mean murder, as much as Heinz means beans.

So, keep doing flip-flops – reality doesn’t care.

My knowledge of magick is superficial at best, so I would like to hear what more competent people say. The general question is how (if) magical tools can be practically used to further the cause of anarchist (without adjectives) revolution. The more specific question is, for starters: Does it make sense to view money as a sigil for geas of obedience? And if it does, can we imagine the way to break this bond? Strip money of the power aspect and reduce it to purely technical role of an exchange token?