Sysadmins for sysadmins
Nice write-up on estimates

Wrong things at the wrong time

Diagram as Code tools are always interesting to me.

Question if one should run DB on K8s pops-up sometimes, here is a list of some options if you decide to do it. Have you tried any of it?

Taking a look into chaos engineering, rather old, but good one.

All the best engineering advice I stole from non-technical people
Not a recycled “truths”, but some interesting advice.

If this works as advertised - will be very useful

I think one of the best explanation on how to run cron properly with Docker

Nice collection of posts to bootstrap knowledge on OpenTelemetry. This is kinda becoming standard on distributed tracing of your app/infra.

The Demanding Work of Analyzing Incidents
Still very useful

K8s — Why Deprecating Docker?
Nice summary on what and whys regarding Docker status in K8s

Enjoyed the talk. Seems that Strange Loop has some interesting angle on talks.

About the SPOF
from a different angle than sysadmin

Build a Kubernetes Operator in 10 Minutes
A walkthrough for making Kubernetes Operator

Some comparison, was most interested in performance differences

Sysadmins for sysadmins

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