I am in an awkward situation: after unsuccessful attempt to mount new disks to my Yunohost, I got the above on the server (old laptop) screen. OF COURSE I have the password, saved in my KeePass. The problem is, there are characters there I do not know how to enter, like ô¼Î etc.

Hints welcome.

  • krolden
    11 year ago

    That’s generally why you dont use weird characters like that in passwords you have to type yourself.

    In this case you’re basically limited to two options.

    Easiest option: Boot into a rescue media and repair your installation (details depend on your distro)

    Or add a serial console and connect to it through another system attached to the server, hopefully you can paste the weird characters from your password.

    I’d go with option one first as it seems like you might just have some misxonfigured Mount options.

    • @8PetrosOP
      21 year ago

      Luckily, I knew exactly where I screwed, so booted a random linux liveUSB and commented out wrong stuff in fstab. Everything is peachy now. Once I have half an hour, I will redo it properly.

      Thank you for your advice.