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cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/458547 > If you speak an language other than english and polish consider donating 10 minutes of you time translating yattee. This will help ios users get their first newpipe and invidious app in the app store sooner!

friendly reminder all companies have to follow the law and isn’t gonna commit crimes for 5$ a month, plus they don’t log if the law doesn’t require it

it’s just an hidden feature with a proton unlimited, business, visionary plan. There is no list of it being included in their website. One would only know if they have previously paid for simplelogin

shhh it’s legal they are free public domain books

use tor for zlibrary it’s the best

I need an privacy friendly cloudflare altnerative?
But it needs to be able to be anti ddos and handle hundreds of thousands of requests for my small web app

i use piped instances to run my native ios youtube app yattee