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epub dot libre is the best for ebook in spanish

Thank you, this does give me more confidence. I’d like to hammer, sounds fun, it but I probably won’t. But just to be curious is encryption really that good. As far as I know 4 pin passwords and patterns are the most common way to lock a password, isn’t that easy to crack?

I don’t have a solder, and even if I had one I wouldn’t know what to desolder or how. But thanks for the info about disk encryption :D

Don’t batteries explode? Sounds dangerous, I’m definitively not doing that. I hope that’s sarcasm?

well, that’s how most of them got broken anyways. Sometimes water and sometimes coffee. That’s why I think that if I ever by a phone it should be waterproof.

Is it safe to throw away broken phones?
I have several smartphones that no longer work. I was going to rid of them one way or another, but it concerns me a bit that someone could recover information from those devices (photos, accounts, etc). Is it safe to dispose them? I can't delete anything since the phones don't work. I can't just remove the "hard drive" can I?