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If people interacted like this the word would be a better place.

Okey, I agree on the fact that their server and client may be far from perfect. But the only problem with their protocol is that it’s not decentralised.

Btw, sorry for my terrible wording and lack of lexic. I’m still learning. :D

I would not consider Matrix an alternatdve to Signal. The Matrix protocol is messy and I had a lot of " matrix moments™" (even with that I still use it and prefer it over Discord, or other glowy apps.). XMPP with omemo is great, no need for a phone number and decentralised. I like it.
(I think that I heard somewhere about the signal protocol on XMPP or something like that. Which, in my opinion could be the best of both worlds.)


What I mean is that obviusly is not as battle tested as PGP/GPG since is not that old and it’s not as spread as it, now. But PGP is extremely complicated, overextended, with terrible defaults and backwards compatability with some stuff from the stone age. The de facto implementation is also quite bad.

As I still have to use PGP for some things (sadly) I use a better implementation: sequoia-pgp I reccomend it. https://sequoia-pgp.org

Signal is far from being perfect. And I would love a decentralised (p2p/federated) chat protocol implementing the Signal protocol. At the time being their protocol is best, we may question their main server and some of their practices, but at the time being I couldn’t find anything better.

SIgnal is just as bad as insecure western social medias.

Hmmm… I don’t think so.

Why do so many crypto bros favor Signal?

I’m not a cryptobro. :c

I’ll ask this again: Is age and signify battle tested?

Their as not as old and extended as PGP but their are based on solid cryptography.

Probably the easiest way of doing it. I dincovered Syncthing and now I used it to sync my photos and some backups.

Edit: typo.

Signal is not propietary. And in terms of security the Signal protocol is the best with diferenre you can get out there.

There was a really good article about why pgp/gpg is a pice of radioactive waste that should be avoided at all costs. Both the standard and the de facto implementation.

Sadly I don’t have the link with me rn. Let me search it.

Edit: here’s the link https://latacora.micro.blog/2019/07/16/the-pgp-problem.html

Also, use age & signify over pgp.

They can’t compromise a server if you don’t even have one.

I would not recommend PGP/GPG for anything. There are a ton of reasons to ditch it and move to something better, for every single usecase.

I’m going to get a YubiKey soon and afaIk that feature does not work on phones. But I’ll check if there’s an issue about it.

I used pass some time ago. The problem is that it uses PGP to encrypt passwords and if you don’t configure the pass-tomb pluging the whole folder is transparent.

KeePass XC/DC (keepass-cli most of the time) with Syncthing is amazing.

  • Fully offline.
  • It can be sync inys your own local network.
  • Secure.
  • Powerfull. (it really has a TON of useful features)
  • Fully FLOSS.
  • Works on all platforms.

Watafak, that’s not “extreme” that’s acting as if he was a terrorist in possesion of chemical weapons. This is surrealist. Fuck them all, fuck neoliberalism and fuck those fascists.

Terraria on max difficulty with mods it’s almost unplayable. Still one of my fav games.

Also true. Water is magnific.

How tf can you dislike the taste of water when it does not even taste??

A libre alternative to Kahoot?
I don't know if it exists, but in case that it does it will be really cool. Kahoot is used a lot in my country for playing in class.