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  • YouTube once did a genius and really nice move: Paying the video authors. They realized that treating the people who create the works – that are the entire reason why people use the platform – well and creating an incentive for that work is smart and a good way to grow the platform.

    But that time is long gone. YouTube is the monopoly in the market now. They ruin everything that was good about YouTube. They brought the adpocolypse and only pay video authors for videos the content of which they deem friendly to their advertisements business and easy to sell to advertisers based on a completely arbitrary broken automatic system that enforces self censorship on the video authors. All other videos that are still vital to the platform do not get any of the money they make of the viewers the demonetized videos keep on the platform.
    They started putting ads on videos that the author did not choose to monetize completely breaking with their system of sharing their revenue with the people who create the basis for that.
    While they impose strict arbitrary self censorship on the video authors who want a cut of the revenue their videos allowed to generate they allow a flood of scams and other illegitimate and inappropriate content for advertisers.
    They removed the dislike button making the platform much worse for the users just to appeal to advertisers even more.

  • What is interesting is that they paint this as a security reason:

    However, Microsoft has decided to remove this option from the Edge settings menu, citing security and privacy reasons. According to a Microsoft engineer, the reset sync option was “a potential attack vector for malicious actors to wipe out user data without their consent or knowledge”.

    This is a very common reappearing thing in big tech. They deny you control over your data and device for alleged security reasons. Apple uses the same pretens for locking down iOS and not allowing the user to install apps of their choice but only what Apple approves.
    They are right in a way. They are doing this for security reasons. But not for your security but for theirs, from you. You do not own “your” data and you do not own “your” device. We are heading towards a society where you do not own anything. No matter how much you pay for it.