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Probably the whole point is just to clear the field for their snapstore

More generally, what would be the best distro/DE for not so technical windows parents?

Ohh nice, FOSS has been missing a proper alternative for QA.

… it’s only a very basic implementation of Rust that cannot be used for any real-world use cases.

Could someone explain what this means?

Hmmmh, I would upload a picture but I keep hitting SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

Maybe there’s something wrong with my jpg…?

FSF Bulletin just popped through my mail slot!
I didn't realize that being a supporter would warrant me *a real paper bulletin!* What a pleasant surprise. Feels way more personal than some pdf file which I wouldn't likely read.

Would it still be feasible to self-host behind a proxy of some sort? So other’s never see your home server but you nonetheless have your mailbox in your living room.

I’m mostly thinking about services like AnonAddy and SimpleLogin.

KeePassXC integrates wonderfully with SSH agent and desktop secret service. Really nice piece of software 👌

What exactly does it mean for a desktop application to support a processor architecture? Refrain from writing inline assembly?

How do they actually differ? I tend to group them as the same thing, as I’m not a user of either.

Downvoted you experimentally. I use Jerboa too. Seems to work.

Does Podman run have a noconfirm setting?
Does podman run (among other commands) have a noconfirm type of option/config? Like apt's `$ apt-get install --yes pacman`, which will install pacman and automatically answer yes to any questions that might pop-up. In podman, when you have a conf like this in */etc/containers/registries.conf:* ` unqualified-search-registries = ['some-mirror.org', 'docker.io'] ` and you run something like: `$ podman run -it --rm archlinux bash -C "echo hello world"` It might happen that both of those registries have a container called `archlinux`. In this case podman will stop and ask you to choose. I would like to just default to the first option. Here's a blog post about container registries and podman (which didn't help but it's still interesting): https://www.redhat.com/sysadmin/manage-container-registries

You weren’t wrong about the slowness :D But yeah, top seems to mostly packages for different programming languages.

Ohh I didn’t realize they were refused by so many. What’s the reasoning?

This would in fact be mildly interesting

I recently found this tldr project for terms of service and privacy policies: https://tosdr.org

Seems pretty neat!