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What do you use, prefer? …


How do I install packages from a file on a debian based system?

I want to install a list of packages from a file on a debian based system. But if there is any error I just one to log the package and output a list of packages that couldn’t be installed at the end, when every package has finished installing. I don’t want to see any other output. I don’t want the i…


How do I use VM as a server?

I want to install HomelabOS on a virtual machine, with a few services like NextCloud, Jellyfin, Pi-hole, Peertube, Funkwhale, PrivateBin. …


/git: permission denied

I reinstalled Manjaro Cinnamon 21.2.2-220123-linux515 trying to get rid of this error with no luck. I’ve only copied my dotfiles from an external drive and run the installation script. …


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