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  • A music playout system. I put on an internet radio-like show each week and I needed a way to play music. The only solutions I could find were for Windows but my desktops are all Linux so I wrote my own.

    It differs a bit from the more usual “music player”. I need to know how long until the track ends and how long until it starts to fade out. I also want to add lots of comments so that I can talk about the tracks I’m playing.

    Over time I’ve added other features - tabbed playlists, automatic lookup of titles on Wikipedia, estimated start/end times for tracks I’ve yet to play, ability to edit mp3 tags and - well, quite a lot more. It’s just grown over time as I’ve needed things.

    I call it MusicMuster, but I haven’t actually open sourced it yet. I mean to, but imposter syndrome keeps popping up. I’ll just make the code a bit better, remove that hack, etc. Maybe you know how it is.

  • Reddit is determined to “go commercial”. It’ll be successful at first because there’s a wealth of good data in Reddit. However, those who contribute rather than just consume will drift away. The content becomes stale (who wants recommendations for great Bluetooth headsets from 2015?).

    Cory Doctorow wrote an excellent article on how TikTok, Facebook, Amazon and more have become worse, and why. It was written in January before Reddit’s API announcement, but it applies to Reddit every bit as much as the others. It’s worth a read: Tiktok’s enshittification