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eSpeak seems Frankenstein and doesn’t work with Feeel home workout app. Maybe the issue is in the fitness app. But that voice…an horror movie…

Unfortunately RH doesn’t have Italian.

It seams just a tts manager not an engine. It sees empty the engine field…

What speech engine in substitution of Google one?
I removed the Google Speech engine (robotic voice to give human-like voice to apps) and I looking for a new one in F-droid. I interested in both English and Italian voices. Any idea?

Looking for an open source and privacy friendly accommodation search platform for Android
Currently I am using Travala.com but it isn't open source and neither privacy friendly. The only benefit is that it accepts crypto payments. Any idea?

Why not a SimpleX secret group? simplex.chat

I knew a wife that said me that unlocked her husband smartphone with his fingertips when he sleeped. She could even do it with the pin and swipe since she could see the fingerprints in the dirty phone (the screen) and reproduce the movements on it. Warned.

I tried the Scuttlebutt protocol using Manyverse app. Today isn’t a something of ready to use. Too difficult to setup. But it is probably the future.

My personal taste: I choose Mullvad over Proton VPN. No email, no phone number. Nothing.