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  • There is, however, still the concept of the Chinese Room thought experiment, and I don’t think AI will topple that one for a while.

    For those who don’t know and don’t wish to browse off the site, the thought experiment posits a situation in which a guy who does not understand Chinese is sat in a room and told to respond to sets of Chinese characters that come into the room. He has a little booklet of responses—all completely in Chinese—for him to use to send responses out of the room. The thought experiment questions whether or not the system of the Chinese Room itself can be thought to understand Chinese or even the man himself.

    With the Turing Test getting all of the media spotlight in AI, machine learning, and cognitive science, I think the Chinese Room should enter into the conversation as the field of AI looks towards G.A.I.

  • I would, in no certain order:

    • Work at a coffee shop part time making coffee for people. Preferably a locally owned shop, but it wouldn’t matter too much if not.
    • Work as a bartender similarly as above
    • Potentially garden if I have the time and interest for it
    • Create more YouTube videos
    • Write, record, and release more music
    • Learn to paint
    • Get a film camera and take photos with it
    • Contribute to FLOSS projects
    • Finally make that D&D table that doubles as a dining table that I’ve been wanting to make for a few months now
    • Actually follow through on learning my several languages I’m working on learning
    • Become an interpreter (probably in ASL)
    • Develop video games
    • Create more art in general
    • Do research on how art and society mingle together and interact

  • Since I’ll be moving to LibreWolf and it’s based on FF, I’ll check out Mull. Unfortunately I don’t see my device on DivestOS’s site (it’s a Motorola Moto G Power 2022), but it’s also quite new so it’s understandable. I’ll switch it to Lineage or something like that whenever it gets support for it but I’m fine with a degoogled Android for now.

  • I’m personally like to stop using Brave, and I will, however while LibreWolf will be what I’ll switch to on desktop, I’m not sure what I would want to switch to on my Android phone. I see that LibreWolf doesn’t have an Android version (and potentially never will; fine, developers will do whatever they want). I’ve heard about IceRaven, however, I’m not sure how good it is. Also would like an actually privacy focused search engine, but I think LibreWolf might have a good list on that front.

    (Note: please do suggest in replies, not sure I made that apparent)

  • Initially it was Animal Crossing: Wild World. One of my parents’ coworker’s daughter was babysitting me before school when I was in 3rd grade and she had the game on her DS and I fell in love with it. Still have the copy I got to this day. However, I wouldn’t say I fully got into the hobby until The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess (Wii). TP especially got me to fall in line with video games as a storytelling medium artistically and narratively.