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  • Once this has been implemented, something worse can be implemented.

    I don’t like these slippery slope arguments. You might as well reduce it to any legislation.
    Once people are allowed to make laws, bad people can make bad laws.
    Which is why we must continue to vote in the right people, not abandon the concept of laws.

    In this case, I don’t doubt that copyright infringement and general censorship are on some people’s agenda.
    But this current proposal is bad enough itself and should be opposed because of that and not because someone might make other, even worse proposals in the future.

  • Tbf, it sounds like neither side did a stellar job here.

    Poland not reacting “for several hours” makes it sound almost deliberate.
    Then again, I wonder how German police “informed” Poland for there to be no reaction. Did they fax?
    If they think the situation requires an immediate reply, why not call them? Surely a dedicated border patrol unit would have a contact number.
    Also, despite Schengen I don’t think police can just cross the border to another state unless in pursuit of some fleeing criminal.
    And just dumping these people in some random location without any involvement of local authorities doesn’t seem like proper protocol.