Anyone that claims to speak on behalf of the universe is either a liar or a fool

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I haven’t tried it but I’m pretty sure the steam client would download the native version over the windows version if available. As for the game assets, I have no idea. I’ll have to give it a try sometime.

Hmmm. I’m thinking maybe that phantom movie that was in your jf library was originally not in it’s own movie directory but in the root of your movies folder. It’s maybe possible that jellyfin then deleted the entire root directory of that movie when you hit delete, which would be your root movies folder.

Never heard of this happening before but it’s conceivably possible. Was the entire movie directory deleted or just everything inside it?

If you have a piece if media in your jf library and its been deleted from disk, the first thing you should do is run a library scan which should remove any deleted files from your library.

Where exactly did you click ‘remove media’? I can’t find that anywhere, the only thing close to that is ‘delete media’ which will obviously delete the file. If you dont want jellyfin to be able to delete files, you can set your file permissions to disallow write access to groups/all and run jellyfin as a different user than the owner of the file. Just make sure it still has read access to your files.

I can’t quite figure out how it deleted all of your movies in that library. Did you click the remove option in the library page under the dashboard? I dont think that should actually delete your files, just remove the library from jf.

lol rule #2 be respectful to transphobes

Is piracy scene so small nowadays that this kind of bickering between two people is shaking it in its entirety?

apparently. also video game piracy scene seems to attract the worst elements of the gamer scene in general. I never really venture beyond GGN as they pretty much have everything I could ever need and a very good community. Also I just stick with downloading console games, if a AAA release is good enough to play then I’ll pay for it.

cross-posted from: > I would paste the actual content of the post here but it would probably get me banned from the instance, even with the slur filters (cringe). > > Anyway. I didn't know who this cracker was before the mastodon spam post here and I've since done a bit of research. This was a recent post by whoever empress is, apparently they are seething all over reddit and it has spilled in this direction. She also really hates fitgirl, someone we all know and love.

The whole *arr suite is good stuff I highly recommend

FYI if you’re using jellyfin and find the interface not to your liking, the kodi jellyfin plugin integrates your jellyfin library into kodi movies/tv/etc categories. I just started using it and its very cool

Oh this instance needs new account approval? I didn’t know that.

Yeah the chat function is a mess and I still can’t get omemo working with xmpp. Granted, I kinda gave up on it.

That’s generally why you dont use weird characters like that in passwords you have to type yourself.

In this case you’re basically limited to two options.

Easiest option: Boot into a rescue media and repair your installation (details depend on your distro)

Or add a serial console and connect to it through another system attached to the server, hopefully you can paste the weird characters from your password.

I’d go with option one first as it seems like you might just have some misxonfigured Mount options.

I loved drive and almost went out and bought one of those jackets but then realized I definitely couldn’t pull it off.

Yet another gross thing to clean in the bathroom. Also its doubtful anyone would actually put them down before flushing.

Ive wanted to put up a payphone outside my building for a long time.

All I need is a building.

You should look into enabling zram swap

Usb flash is slower than sata flash which is slower than ram cache.

Really cool.

Unrelated: why does fdroid search suck so much? I always have to scroll through a bunch of other apps even though I search for the name of the app.

How is it? I wanna grab it but I’m phobic about pirating with dht without a seedbox.

I’d suggest building your own and using truenas scale as it has a bunch of bundled docker images you can run with minimal effort.

Yes more people should know this.

However I am using a free oracle vps so I’m obviously glowing more than you all can see.


Oh I didn’t see the top 250 part nvm

GitHub is introducing non-essential cookies on web pages that market our products to businesses. These cookies will provide analytics to improve the site experience and personalize content and ads for enterprise users.

Why the hell do enterprise users have ads?

Pull the battery then put it in the microwave. Then drop it in one of those phone recycling boxes at home depot or something.

Also FYI those drop off things are great for finding chargers and phones if you need one.

Who’d have thought a ‘hacker’ news aggregator hosted by a piece of shit VC would be so bad?

Also alt-right is meaningless.

That thread is a shitshow. The number of dumbass sounding comments I’m surprised more aren’t flagged.

Yeah so the country was almost entirely on fire and a couple years later there was a bunch of flooding. Better throw the guy protesting the system that led up to these disasters in jail and monitor all their communications.

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These instances are not only slow, they also sell their user’s information.

Citation needed

Put it on a paper towel. Ifthere’scracksi in your plate it will get moisture in there and that will get hot when microwaving.


Something I never understood about using gogole for schools is that you have to have a constant internet connection which many in rural (and even urban) USA don’t have. Why not just make it downloadable instead?