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It’s time for you to contribute by sacrificing years from your life for writing books for free

The story that inspired inventing UFOs in the US
Great Moon Hoax of 1835 convinced the world of extraterrestrial life

dunno which nation made mass surveillance the de facto way of economic operation (aka surveillance capitalism)…

IceCat is a great browser, not only for FSF members :D

how can you root a hardcoded read-only file system?

With the latest Android update, they removed iptables so that one cannot use a firewall. With the next update they are introducing read-only file system so that one cannot use a free operating system on Android anymore… Very heavy-handed moves from gevilcorp

currently tech companies are exploiting the people at scale and the only solutions against them are: rule of law, strong public institutions, critical thinking and open discussion so why not get rid of false motives and abuse instead;)