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  • Switched around the time Windows 7 was out. The reason is Windows Update. It took FOREVER to do its thing. And it was janky as all hell. I distinctly remember clicking on the “check for updates” more than once, because it didn’t find any updates the first time dor whatevee reason. Anyway, I had one update breakage too many and I snapped. Had Linux as my main OS since then and a few years later it became my only OS.

    Basically, I wanted an OS that stayed out of my face and Windows wasn’t it.

  • To my fellow Linux users: it’s okay to use a GUI. Really.

    As a contrbuting member of Society of Linux Users on Terminals I am aghast, AGHAST at the very proposition of using *shudder* graphics on your Linux system. I mean, the very idea! If you can’t browse the web in console mode, then why even bother using Linux? GUIs are for quitters.

  • onlooker@lemmy.mltoAsklemmy@lemmy.mlSo... How was your weekend?
    6 days ago

    It sounds like you’re not really interested in how everyone spent their weekend and want to vent instead. But on the off-chance that I’ve misjudged the situation: the weather was kinda shit, so I spent most of my weekend playing The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles on the Switch. Is good game.

  • Somebody is obviously trying to cover all the bases. That’s just good thinking. If ghost are real, they get zapped. If they aren’t real, they get to chase a group of adolescents all over the place for about 20 minutes before said adolescents figure out it’s not a ghost for the umpteenth time.

  • I used to love Chilli con carne, but not anymore. One day I woke up not feeling well and we were having Chilli con carne for lunch. Despite my condition, I sat down at the table and started eating. It didn’t last long. In a few minutes, I was feeling queasy and had to dash to the bathroom to throw up. Ever since then I can’t look at, smell or eat a Chilli con carne dish without remembering that day.

  • I tried arguing against this, but it’s no use. I tried pointing out how something can be branded illegal retroactively, like 20 years down the line, I tried the “give me your credit card info” approach, nothing took. 90% of the time the counter-argument is usually something to the effect of “big companies know everything about me anyway”, which is just guessing on their part.

    I’m just going to take care of my own privacy, because I’m clearly in the minority (present company excluded, of course). Almost everyone I know disregards online privacy completely, so I’m done trying to get a dialogue going with these people; it’s every man for himself. The only way online privacy will become a hot topic among laymen is when something nasty happens and at that point, it will have been too late.