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  • I was shooting my fully legal, registered SBR at a private range I was sharing with some boomer. He saw the length of it and was like, “Ooooh! Don’t get caught by law enforcement with that or you’ll be in deep shit!”. I explained that I had all the proper paperwork for it and even showed him that it was engraved with my name and the city I “built” the gun in like the law requires. He was still like, “…yeah but that’s a stock, not a pistol brace”. I just decided to drop the topic after assuring him one more time that it’s legal.

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    That’s different than arguing with people on the internet. Daryl Davis shows these people their shared humanity face-to-face. All I’ve ever seen from letting fash “debate” people on the internet is them slowly spreading their ideology to vulnerable people who are viewing the same conversations. Saying stuff that sounds reasonable on the surface like, “not everyone you disagree with is a nazi” even though they want to kill minorities as if that motive vs not wanting that to happen/doing everything in your power to make sure it doesn’t happen is a simple disagreement.