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why not

point is, whatever the source of their money is, it looks like it’s not very renewable at the moment, so the last thing ppl should be doing it exploiting it with stupid applications of it

You aware if they wanted to stop piracy they would just limit its functionalities right?

limiting functionality to curb piracy would also limit that functionality for regular people, who want to use it for legitimate purposes, which is why i’m asking ppl to please not use telegram for piracy

how? just because something has the capability to be used in a certain way, doesn’t mean you should abuse it

please stop pirating using telegram, it’s a messaging service (with some elements of social media), not your cdn

this shit is run almost for free, from the money durov saved on his school lunches, using it as a cdn will break a good service for everyone, including the vast majority of people who just use it because it’s a good messaging service

can’t stop thinking about how amerikans think this war crime å of baking is classified as bread

interestingly, the youtube app on my phone doesn’t have ads at all (as of recently), most likely because companies don’t want to advertise in russia, but youtube still doesn’t want to pull out, because of potential future revenue (after the war ends), and they can still sell user data 😎

not very weird most likely, considering that there are significantly fewer ads and they’re much shorter in length than videos, therefore it makes sense to cache them in some way 🤷‍♀️

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/299185 > two usb C ports on the top left for scale, currently trying to figure out how to build a linux image for it 🤷‍♀️