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That is downright reactionary. What next, they bring back asbestos as a building material?

Sydney’s really comedy gold.

EDIT: Also it looks like Sydney isn’t really happy with this.

A promotional Twitter account for Sopuli could have potential, and it could tweet in English and Finnish.

Actually, I have to ask the founder of /r/sopuli to make me a mod.

It should be also noted that Hersh has based this article into single anonymous source, like many times before. He has also spread downright conspiratorial claims before:

Winning Pulitzer in the 60s-70s doesn’t mean that the guy doesn’t weer into the deep end of conspiracy theories. Hersh also has also written favourably about Putin and Assad. According to him, Assad didn’t use chemical weapons, and Osama bin Laden wasn’t responsible for 9/11.

The year of the Linux desktop has been going on for the last few years.

I think you should post this into ! if you’re going to ask the folks there.

All censorship efforts by “protecting children” always lead to eventually censoring things from adults.

Thanks, I don’t have to scour the Internet for eBooks! Mobilism is great, I have got many books from there.

At least several French cities, Barcelona and two German pub owners are boycotting. I also read about one beer brand that has made boycotting the event a part of its marketing.

I previously linked a similar video by our former PM Alexander Stubb, this is a start of the video series. Here's the playlist

Counter Arguments was a golden YouTube channel, sad how the person running it quit YouTubing.

Can’t agree more. I have my old Packard Bell netbook from 2011 as a Linux home server. In case it hangs up, I can just open it and see what’s happening from its screen and use its keyboard. I could imagine buying a more powerful laptop just to be used as a Linux server.

I haven’t told the following previously: soon after pulling out the community, the Bitwarden fella told me how he is “revisiting setting up the Lemmy instance again in the future”. However, at their company they have certain protocols and processes so it may take some time. He may of course have accidentally used “instance” instead of “community”.

A decentralized archive would be a more resilient solution.

He always has lost his mind. This time he went off the rails by posting antisemitic content, which led to Instagram and Twitter suspending him. And what is he trying to accomplish by posing with Candace Owens wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt?

There have been trolls who select an instance with no membership applications and then start posting their garbage. There may have been some from Fapsi, but I don’t remember Fapsi having become any kind of safe haven for trolls. The instance also looks like having actual content, so I don’t see any point in defederating from it.

One segment of far-righters here in Finland parrots QAnon talking points. If they try to raise a satanic panic, it’s the 90s all over again.

PSA: The latest Pop OS update breaks Plymouth
I started my computer today and after the BIOS boot logo nothing showed up. Usually Plymouth's disk decryption screen shows up as my SSD is encrypted. I legit thought something had broken my computer and even updated my BIOS. Still, nothing, just a black screen. Then I checked Reddit's /r/Pop_OS and many users have had [the]( same [problem]( Apparently the latest system update has broken Plymouth, so after the BIOS logo one has to input the decryption password blindly. And BAM – then the Pop OS desktop shows up! I'm telling this here in case anyone else uses Pop OS. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Good to know that linear TV is even less worth watching in Britain.

Of course political content can be on Sopuli, there is no however specific political leaning like on or (as more extreme case) I’d also expect that if political discussion happens here, all the users know how to behave like in a furnished space.

By the way, ! is for meta discussion regarding the instance. I let this discussion be in this community, but any following meta ones will be deleted.

List of popular Lemmy communities and their alternatives
Just by checking one can see the most popular communities of The plan here is to list all the alternatives for those from other instances. One can also suggest alternatives to be added here and I update this living document. * [Libre Culture]( --> ??? * [Piracy]( --> [!]( * [Open Source]( --> ??? * [Ask Lemmy]( --> [!]( * [Privacy]( --> [!](, [!](, [!](, [!]( * [Technology]( --> [!](, [!](, [!]( * [World News]( --> [!]( * [Fediverse]( --> [!](, [!](, [!](, [!](, [!]( * [Science]( --> [!](, [!](, [!]( * [Memes]( --> [!](, [!](, [!]( * [Gaming]( --> [!]( * [Music]( --> [!](, [!](, [!]( * [Politics]( --> [!](, [!](, [!]( * Programming language communities --> [](, []( * [Socialism]( --> [!](, [!]( * [Anarchism]( --> [!]( * [Green]( -->, []( * Late Stage Capitalism, futurology etc. --> [!]( * [Linux]( --> [!](, [!]( * [Videos]( --> [!](, [!]( * [Cryptocurrency]( --> [!]( * [Political Humor]( --> [!]( * [Self-Hosting]( --> [!](, [!]( * [Anime]( --> [!](

Lemmy instances that don’t federate with Lemmygrad
I was asked to do a list of instances that don't federate with, so there it is (in addition to Sopuli): - - - - - - -

At least no one can say that nothing interesting happens!

Zucc has the latest cyborg tech combined with his lizard DNA, he is the most interesting (and the least human-like) option.

They’ll believe it cures cancer as well

Cancer patients and oncologists may have a second opinion on that. But who cares, they are slaves of the Big Pharma and this yogi fella has the hidden knowledge!

Remember to start your week by charging you anus with the power of the sun

So is the anus like a phone’s charging port, but hidden and uses solar energy? Does it support fast charging?

“Butthole sunning”

Thanks to the Internet for this, I always learn something new! Isn’t there however a risk of skin cancer from the sun’s UV rays? Or worse, rectal cancer!

Your anus is considered the “Fourth Eye”

I always thought it was the Third Eye!

This would be more fitting for !

There couldn’t be a better time for switching to Linux.

If Trump really played 4D chess as it’s often claimed, he wouldn’t reveal that publicly.

Blockchain can have practical use for fields like supply chain management, energy, banking and food industry. Do NFTs have this quality?

And they also have to embed the Ukrainian flag and the pride symbol to their logo somehow.