In my dayjob, there are four such nice blue sticks, gathering dust on my shelf. I have a possibility to put them online via Raspberry Pi. So, if there is someone who may have an interesting idea how to put them to work for the good cause, talk to me.

Read-me in Japanese, but it can take sources like RSS or Twitter and repost them on Lemmy and a few other ActivityPub compatible software as well as to webhooks of various chat software.

Hi, I have two self-hosted instances: (peertube in docker) and (yunohost with several services/apps). The content there and intended use is in the general area of practical SP, degrowth and social permaculture, liberally laced with anarchist, kolapsnik and hacker attitude. I am not technical enough to keep them tidy, nor I have enough time to dig into it (some serious offline projects recently got traction). Is it possible to find some help here, to keep those VPS going and growing? I have no money to pay, so it is a solidarity / mutual aid call. Few major challenges here: - cleaning up the peertube instance after crude manual migration from different domain. - replacing existing Osada instance (soon to expire) with something better (??? friendica ???) - secure XMPP server configuration. (some minor nuissances as well)

Hello friends, I am slowly getting into selfhosting and trying to convert my old Lenovo X230 laptop into a homeserver that I will use for backups, cloud storage and a few services for my friends. What's is your setup? What are you doing with it or what are you planning to do with it? P.S.: The laptop screen is usually turned off of course :)

OnlyOffice Document server 7.1 released
Finally with ARM support!

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Crossgeposted von: > Also check out their [XMPP MUC](
fedilink website
Kinda extreme though 😅

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