Quite useful for self-registrations on a LDAP auth system. There is a branch that requires secret invite codes as well.

Hoppy: Service that provides static IP addresses to your device no matter the location
A bit pricey and I haven't tried it myself, but it seems like a good option for self-hosting on overly-restrictive ISPs.

The interesting part is that it can actually transcribe the speech into the IRC channel and vice-versa do text to speech from IRC input.

Disabling CoW for databases on btrfs is well known, but this seems to be even better for Sqlite.

Nice feature table to compare them.

The Single Board Computer Database, a comparison website for SBCs and SOMs (formerly known as Board-DB), has relaunched!
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c2FmZQ: e2ee mobile photo and file upload
It's an alternative open-source backend to the app.

In my dayjob, there are four such nice blue sticks, gathering dust on my shelf. I have a possibility to put them online via Raspberry Pi. So, if there is someone who may have an interesting idea how to put them to work for the good cause, talk to me.

Read-me in Japanese, but it can take sources like RSS or Twitter and repost them on Lemmy and a few other ActivityPub compatible software as well as to webhooks of various chat software.

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