I have two self-hosted instances: https://kinowolnosc.pl (peertube in docker) and https://tepewu.pl (yunohost with several services/apps).

The content there and intended use is in the general area of practical SP, degrowth and social permaculture, liberally laced with anarchist, kolapsnik and hacker attitude.

I am not technical enough to keep them tidy, nor I have enough time to dig into it (some serious offline projects recently got traction).

Is it possible to find some help here, to keep those VPS going and growing? I have no money to pay, so it is a solidarity / mutual aid call.

Few major challenges here:

  • cleaning up the peertube instance after crude manual migration from different domain.

  • replacing existing Osada instance (soon to expire) with something better (??? friendica ???)

  • secure XMPP server configuration.

(some minor nuissances as well)