You probably already know about the popular shells like bash and zsh. Let us explore some interesting and unique shells.
  1. Fish Shell

  2. Nushell

  3. Dune

  4. Xonsh

  5. Hilbish

  6. Elvish

  7. Oh

  8. Solidity

  9. Yash

Yuu Yin

It is because it departs from POSIX that it is good; I recognize the syntax for some functionality is cumbersome and hard to remember though. There are similarities like command names and piping still…

I use NixOS and home-manager, so for switching I just

  home-manager.users.yuu = {
    programs.nushell = {
      package = pkgs-update.nushell;
      enable = true;
      configFile.source = ../../config/nushell/;
      envFile.source = ../../config/nushell/;  

The and is basically the default just with a customized prompt.

Then in my alacritty.ylm I set shell to the nu binary

  program: /etc/profiles/per-user/yuu/bin/nu

Also learned from official resources When I have doubts, I ask either on Nushell’s GitHub discussions or

And to keep a POSIX shell

  environment = {
    systemPackages = with pkgs; [

    sessionVariables = rec {
      TERM = "alacritty";
      TERMINAL = "alacritty";
      SHELL = "${pkgs.mksh}/bin/mksh";

  environment.shells = [

I’m a simple person, I see Nix I upvote.

Thanks for the comment, I may copy some stuff. :p

Yuu Yin

You’re a person of culture as well I see; I upvote comments of culture yes📠

I remember talking with you at the NixOS matrix; nice to see you here as well💖✨✨✨🌠

It’s true! Sometimes the internet seams really smoll.

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