I’m assuming it’s not, since it’s closed source, but I’m not sure. I want to make a small site with little lists on it. Not a full-fledged website like Neocities; just a few small pages. Is there anything of that sort that’s a better alternative? Apologies for the stupid question.


I don’t know anything about Carrd, but well, you can totally use Neocities for having just a few pages.

For example, https://chriswere.wales is just a few small pages with little lists and it used to be hosted on Neocities.
In fact, you can totally just right-click in your browser and select “View Page Source” and that will show you the whole magic. That website is just hand-crafted HTML+CSS.

If you copy that HTML into an index.html-file in your Neocities space, and also copy the style.css file, that should already look the same. Any links to sub-pages won’t work, because you’d also have to individually copy-paste those, but yeah, it’s not particularly complex.

It will certainly require some amount of willingness to dick around with this stuff and to learn a little bit, but unless you’re really opposed to that, I can’t imagine that Carrd or similar services are really worth the money.

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