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I just migrated myself and family from gmail/google-calendar to proton. Now I wish I had done Tutanota instead. But too tired to do another migration just now. Anyway Proton is an improvement over Google.

This can’t be GDPR compliant.

Also I doubt they can do this with https traffic.

This doesn’t mean much because Apple has no way of checking if the data is really deleted.

Even if you read the privacy policy, there is no guarantee that the company actually adheres to it.

I don’t see the point of Duckduckgo browser in a world where Firefox exists.

The problem with Google is that it integrates with many different services. Google doesn’t just know what you searched online. It can also link your search history with your payments, the videos you watched or your gps location. It aggregates everything about you in one place.

Duckduckgo can’t do that. Fragmentation of services is great.

I’m still waiting for the mobile client to be available on F-Droid.

These daya anyone who voices an opinion against the consensus is called a Russian bot.

I am really disturbed by what Duckduckgo has been doing lately. That being said, they are better than Google.

What real issue does it solve?

all this gender pronoun stuff is a smokescreen to distract everyone from real issues with society.

They have been on this for years. It’s smart.

I’m not installing a Microsoft app either. How is that any better?

htttps doesn’t require me to register a phone number.

I hope not.

Github should not be in the business of telling developers what to do.

2 factor authentication is not about security. It is about forcing open source developers to identify themselves by providing a phone number or other similar information.

Do not use Github. Microsoft corrupted it.

Do not use GitHub. This should be the final straw.

I have difficulty taking Signal seriously because of this.

I’m somewhat cautious of Signal. Given what the US government is, I don’t trust any entity based in thr US.

I had to use apple products at work for some years. I hated it. Apple makes low quality software I hate to use.

What’s wrong with IPTables? It just works.

Yo ho, a pirate's life for me.

Actually, they are cracking down on account and password sharing. Which is the same thing.

I think writing a search engine on top of an existing index is not hard. The more difficult and expensive part is crawling the web.