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Sounds like you’re new to Linux. Welcome to the club! Any modern Linux system will have everything you need to do software development with the exception of some proprietary platforms from Apple or Microsoft. Neither company offers full Linux support.

This OS is based on Ubuntu so installing git will be no hassle.

My Personal tar Command Cheat Sheet
I often make a lot of little cheat sheets that I often use as a quick reminder of the tools I use often enough that they can find there way into my daily workflow, but sometimes I need a little refresher. Today's refresher: `tar`

I now have a dream sandwich that I just make.

Thank you, this is now my new favorite thing.

I’ve been using kpcli/KeePassDX + SyncThing for years now.

As soon as someone makes anything remotely usable on web 3.0 we’ll be there. So far it’s just scams or rebuilding the wheel with Blockchain for some unknown reason.

My fellow men, You look beautiful. See, not so hard. 😉

We’re all going to die someday. If you want to suntan your butthole, then you go suntan your butthole. Good for him.