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I use HandBrake to transcode DVDs with the libdvdcss2 library and it works seamlessly, it doesn’t even know the DVD is copy-protected.


I guess you could find the RSS feed behind the Apple Podcasts listing using this


Maybe a workaround would be the ability to load your personal data from the privacy settings menu as a one-time import.

I personally get the Blu-Ray ISO of the movie containing the languages I want and convert them to the format I want using HandBrake. It’s easier to find what I want this way instead of looking for a premade file.

Most decentralized protocol requires something to start from, and those servers are known as a bootstrapping node.

BitTorrent for example, will use router.bittorrent.com:8991 to get the DHT populated, and once you have some nodes you can keep going (without the bootstrap server) from these trusted nodes as long as they keep responding.

If the bootstrap server goes down, then only new nodes will be able to use the DHT, while the current network will remain operational.

CTemplar is shutting down on May 26th 2022
> Dear users, > > CTemplar is closing and the last day of operation for this email service will be on May 26 of 2022. > > To transfer your contact list: > - Go to https://mail.ctemplar.com/mail/contacts > - Click on the button to export your contacts. > - Select your preferred format (CSV or VCF). > > To transfer your emails: > - Log into your account and download the exported data from your account. It includes emails and attachments. > > Remember to change your email information to your new service. > > Please migrate all your data out of this email service by May 26 of 2022, after this day all the stored that will be permanently erased. > > Please contact support to issue refunds! > > A huge thank you to everyone that supported us, > > The CTemplar Team

And then you want to rewatch your favorite show and it’s not on the platform you’re currently subscribing to.

Fuck it, I’ll host it myself on Plex.