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Kromonos participates sometimes though. I don’t think defederation is appropriate.

The problem is not the account, but the mandatory phone number verification

Yes, it is. At least from the perspective of normal users.

The reason for WhatsApp (or Telegram or iMessage) becoming as big as it is was the convenience (later the network effect, of course, too) of just entering your phone number and then it just works™. No server selection, no password to remember, totally hassle free—that is the argument I get to hear very often.

And honestly, I have no idea, how we could provide a similar conveniance that is fool proof and secure and private.

If you think about moving, maybe you should rather look at gitea (which works on federation) and codeberg.org (which is using the former one and is run by a non profit org).

There was no nazi spam account on feddit since the registration was turned to approval-only and I think also no posts to our communities for a very long time. It’s only the posts that are made to lemmy.ml that get federated to our timeline.

I guess that’s the bad part about the very thing I advertised—I simply could not see his comments on lemmygrad. Shame on me.

How about feddit.de? You already comment here somewhat frequently, don’t have to deal with lemmygrad and the occasional fecal spam is removed quickly too :)

For $599 they could have at least made this piece of junk look better than some bucket from the hardware store.

The Google play flavor comes with support for FCM (i.e. push notifications via Google infrastructure). The f-droid flavor relies on regular polling for events (so that messages might come in a little bit later, though I am not sure whether it can keep a connection open for real time push notifications).

Edit: as the other commenter mentioned, since you are running google play services anyway, you can use the gplay version aswell.

In that case one is tied to the particular app anway. Or does FairEmail also support Active Directory or something alike?

With the recent UI overhaul I actually think that K9 became much more accessable and modern (than FairEmail).