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  • I lost access to one of my Amazon accounts, and it isn’t easy to recover. They give you the option to make a paid international call to recover your account, since I don’t live in the United States. Can’t possibly recommend it. If you lose your account, you lose all the books you bought.

    I think kobo identifies your Wi-fi network, but ever since I found out amazon puts you through this, the book buying (actually renting) lost its charm to me.

    I would go with whats available freely on the Internet. I use “filetype:pdf” on Google to find books, for example.

  • That’s true. Sorry for not knowing how fucked up this world was back then.

    It’s because I was told that in times of pressure, freedom of information or civil liberties wouldn’t be affected. But this was just dumb thinking.

    I was told that this was better, and that this would lead us to an answer. That’s why I believed that this wouldn’t happen.