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Times we can never forget, if we wish to achieve perfection for the soul of the Internet.

You wish people go back to piracy in masse. Try looking for MP3s online.

Cross-site tracking on Mastodon

I was searching for articles on Google Translate with SearX (serx.cf) and then, when I open the Mastodon Federated timeline (mastodon.la), guess what, a post about Google Translate! Talking about how humans should translate and not machines, the exact same topic. Can’t believe I haven’t escaped this…


Great talk about the status of Open Source. It starts off by talking about a developer leaving an open source project…


Guide: The idiot proof guide to downloading ebooks off IRC. With Pictures and everything!

I decided to boost this Reddit post here since it contains such important info. I didn’t use the URL in case Reddit tries to take it down. This is a method to download ebooks from some servers in case LibGen goes down for some reason. It contains many books, I found what I was looking for in there, …


Websites to download e-books

Some sites got books that z-library and libgen don’t have: …