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This is such a misleading headline. The girl was 28 weeks pregnant. No state had legal abortion at 28 weeks unless there was at threat to the mother’s life. They buried the fetus in their yard. This investigation began before roe vs Wade was invalidated.

But yeah, the headline as written plays really well with audiences with a certain narrative.

Fuck Facebook. Don’t use it. Delete your account.

Edit: I misremembered. She was 23 weeks not 28. My bad. Better take: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2022/08/teens-jailing-shows-exactly-how-facebook-will-help-anti-abortion-states/

KeepassDX on Android. KeePassXC on Linux. Sync my password file via Syncthing on my local network.

Governments really should require that software made for them be made open source and that they use open standards. :(