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Music player, fork of the now defunct Clementine. Lots of options to play around.

Me and lots of people have been torrenting from home for years and years, some of my accounts are older than a decade, and all this time without a single problem. You shouldn’t be afraid of it like that, we’re not in the era when ThePirateBay was being sued and many people were getting DMCA’d.

If you’re gonna pay, better get a seedbox.

From public trackers, should be as easy as creating a new torrent with some popular trackers out there. The file you have is the same as others so they should be able to find you via p2p, I think? Or if you have qBittorrent, it has a torrent search function, maybe the original torrent is in there.


It’s very hard to get invites (never had any), but it’s very easy to do the test!

I thought the answer was going to be Falkon, but it ended up being an ad response…

It’s not free? Maybe because I was an early adopter, but I have never donated and have both pm.me and proton.me

Yeah you’re right, it was a realization for companies like Disney; “why are we letting them profit from our stuff when we can do it in our own terms?”

I’m surprised music companies are not doing the same with Spotify, but I guess most of the music is under UMG (I think) anyway.