part of what makes mastodon and lemmy and all so great is the often wildly differing sites.

While the internet is has grown bigger than ever before, it feels so much smaller than it used to just because of how much of the internet’s content is found on only a handful of sites now.

Even Neocities is still just a commercial and centralized web hosting service. Although I love the sites people make on there, and Neocities has made it simple to find those kinds of sites, I wonder if there’s a better way to go about it.


The internet was a more joyful place when everyone had their own site and forums were little localised communities. Before corporations bought up everything.

But even within the corporate internet there used to be more fun. Tumblr let you fully customise your blog’s look and feel, Youtube used to let you write up your own CSS for your channel. All of that got crushed and homogenised into looking and smelling the same.

The state of the web reflects the world out there <sigh>

BTW thanks for sending me down a rabbit hole that Mastodon account is a gold mine ;)

I usually hate that meme of the macho muscly doge as symbol of perfection, but with all the glitter added i like it :P

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