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The activity of the SocialHub community, like all other ‘fediverse-substrate’ bodies, has waned. From an active community to just a forum. Now a decision has to be made for the future of SocialHub. The options are stopping, be just a forum, or revitalize a vibrant community. The last option needs people willing and committed to do so. To step up for the sake of Fediverse Futures.

  • smallcircles@lemmy.mlOP
    1 year ago

    Fully agree. Those doing Groups need to be continuously reminded about this compatibility. Tendency to “wheel reinvention” is high and co-creation is also not front and center in thinking with implementers, unfortunately. There’s a Groups FEP created by Lemmy dev. I nudged Flarum, nodeBB and Discourse folks to come together. On SocialHub @trwnh gave some great insights. I hope more FEP’s will be proposed, so that interop guarantees can be higher.