Man, I hate gift cards. It’s not a gift and it’s not money, but the worst of both worlds. It’s like money, but you can only use it in very specific stores. If given the option, I’d rather get nothing.

Its smart, they just need to print two variations for a measurable increase in sales.

The Ultimate gift for™

They want to make sure no one steals their genius idea. Where’s the rainbow nonbinary one?

Why is it dumb?

My understanding is that it is a gift card form brands mentioned in it. Each more susceptible to interest one gender.

It is way too restrictive, they could have just made gift cards based on categories instead of Gender. Even more on a market that now questions the necessity of the ever more restrictive and dehumanizing box of “man” and “woman”

I don’t see anything dehumanizing in being a man or a women.

The problem is not in being a man or a woman the problem is dictating what a man and a woman are through products. It is restrictive, if you were trying to look womanly you would need to wear a dress and use very sweet smelling perfume, if you’re a man you can’t cry and be vulnerable, you gotta play videogames more than care for your wife, hate your mother in law and hate your marriage. These are harmful and restrictive things, people are people despite their gender or sexuality, judge them as people.

You have got a skewed view on even a “stereotypical” man. The stereotypical man I know is a loving, caring person wanting to provide and care for his lived ones. For women, what about cultures that don’t have dresses as a women’s clothing (this affirmation is unrelated to current thread).

I don’t want to go thru gender affirmation or theories but I just want to state that a man or women label are not a bad thing. For example, I know a good number of women that prefer wearing men’s underwear, or men that prefer using women’s body care products. Nothing wrong in that, nothing insulting and nothing humiliating.

Nobody cares about either of our “sterotypical” man expediences, you missed the point and now you are trying to fight on a whole other personal issue because you wanna be right. Congrats, you won an internet debate i guess.

They assume that a woman won’t buy something from Xbox. For example. Do they mean a woman never plays Xbox?

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