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  • Although, technically, you could jump in the wall if you ever go between one of those columns.

    Yeah they are different because you could exploit the game mechanics and box clipping. You can also double jump if you land a little short in the first one but it doesn’t work in the second one.

  • Other drugs such as dissociatives like ketamine are much less addictive. In

    Or even cannabis. The OG of pain management. Cannabis is documented over 10 millennia before Aspirin. Who knows how long before that it was used. Before the oligarchs in USA conspired to eradicate it from earth in 18th, 19th and 20th century, it had significant biodiversity, who knows how many medicines were lost. But thanks to the many outlaws who continued to cultivate it in very diverse soils and climates, it is very diverse again. Still, the capitalist pharma companies can only think in terms of “what molecules can I patent and sell?” They reluctantly allowed the studies investigating whole-plant effects, marketing it as “entourage effect”, but this was only so they could patent formulae in much the same way.

    I think my point here is just that we have to get away from the stupidity of the capitalist system before we advance.

    Even with pain management in general I may have been a bit harsh on the doctors for believing lies. Their entire schooling is filled with capitalist lies, so they are trained to believe them. But that doesn’t mean innocence either.

    There are courses in med school about pain management, reducing physical dependence and all that. Even if they are colored with pharmacorp propaganda, a good doctor should be able to filter out the bullshit.

  • Pharmaceutical companies lied to doctors and patients about how addictive opioids are.

    Every single opiod, from opium itself, to heroin, to morphine, etc. Has been promised to be non addictive. How many times can you believe the same lie before you hold some responsibility for the outcome?

    Then, a series of studies concluded that many people are living with untreated chronic pain;

    Which is still true. In fact, the reason for this is at least partly because of fear of addiction, so they too cautiously don’t treat pain at all.

    But no one wants to admit, not doctors nor pharmaceutical companies, that medicine doesn’t have a viable solution to the most basic of medical problems.

  • Before anyone bothers saying MiCrOsOfT iS rUiNiNg GiThUb…

    It was always a shit company run by shit people. It was built from the very beginning to be a honeypot for open source projects to amass counterintelligence data. That is why Microsoft bought it. The entire business model has always perfectly aligned with EEE.

    Thanks for coming to my ted talk.