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Or because they dont want to get into arguments with dramaqueens on Mastodon.

I really wouldnt call this bland, mass-produced thing a bread.

I think for everyone it takes some time to get used to talking over the phone.

Talking over phone isnt bad, it can be much quicker and easier than texting. And phone calls are definitely a million times better than sending voice messages in an instant messenger (really hate those).

I wouldnt know. Good that ublock origin and newpipe exist.

There are ads on youtube???

It helps if you dont think of it as winning or losing, but exchanging views.

It is my understanding that chlorine is only used temporarily, when there is a problem with bacteria in that region. I found the site below which seems to support this. In any case, wouldnt you be able to smell and taste chlorine?


In Europe, other alternative disinfectants are currently used for drinking water disinfection (table 1). France, for example, mainly uses ozone which was introduced in 1906 as a water disinfection agent. Italy and Germany use ozone and chlorine dioxide as primary oxidants and disinfectants. England is one of the few European countries that use chloramines as a residual disinfectant in the distribution network and the disposal of disinfection by-products. Finland, Spain and Sweden use chloramines for disinfection only occasionally.

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Is that link supposed to convince me to drink chlorinated water? Afaik we dont even have that in Europe (just like we dont have chlorinated chicken).

Why is there chlorine in your tap water? Definitely wouldnt drink that.

It wont kill a majority of humanity. I think you are one of those people who finds it easier to imagine the end of the world (through climate change) than to imagine the end of capitalism (through collapse of the US empire). The latter is whats actually happening, but propaganda doesnt want you to know that.

Humanity has survived much worse. Its really nothing to panic about.

Dehumanizing the enemy is one of the core elements of fascism.

Its smart, they just need to print two variations for a measurable increase in sales.

Speculative assets which you can use to buy things.

I wouldnt call a few thousand years “extremely recent”. And like I said in my other comment, carrying and storing gold or money is a lot more practical than a truck full of vegetables.

Have fun renting a whole truck to transport the equivalent of a few grams of gold. Plus gold doesnt go bad.

Good point, I should have said digital currency. Gold is great, but sadly you cant use it to pay online.

Then show me a decentralized currency which doesnt use blockchain.

Its not the peer reviewed version though, right?

If papers start sueing scientists, they can only lose.

I said civilized countries.

None of those countries has outright banned guns. In fact their laws are relatively lax.

Luckily that kind of thing doesnt really happen in civilized countries.

In the EU there is 10% of the crimes that there are in the US, despite the strict regulation of weapons that exist.

Not despite, but because of regulation.

Booming, really? Which countries specifically?

Move to another country. In Spain nobody cares if you download torrents 24/7.

When you dont have any arguments, just call it conspiracy theory. No one can disagree with that!