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Me neither. Although Firefox also often does weird stuff, which they should stop to not have people say “meh, Firefox is just as bad as the rest”…

That’s a pretty good argument! While some of the companies have some of your data, none of the companies can have all of your data.

This is about the DuckDuckGo browser and not the DuckDuckGo website. That should be reflected in the title as the original title is intentionally misleading people for clicks.

how are you sure about that? Both are closed source companies operating without proper oversight.

I know perfectly Fedora is not Debian

Okay, but

I don’t see anything special on Fedora or any other Debian based distros

makes it sound like Fedora is one of the Debian based distributions, which is why I wanted to make that clear for others.

Fedora is not Debian based, but an upstream or ‘sidestream’ distribution of CentOS, based on the RPM package manager.

I’d say basically any distribution is a good starting point. Eventually after distrohopping you’ll settle on one or two distributions which work for you.

I have Debian on my servers, Arch on my desktop (for games) and Fedora on my laptop.

Yes, which is why I don’t trust most of them ;)

Granted, even the likes of uberspace.de/en need you to trust their builds of Free software.

If I were the CIA and I wanted to create a honeypot, it would look exactly like this.

Age (as in, when was the torrent created if that doesn’t match the file system date)

How depressing. I’d feel insulted if my school or insurance recommended this to me as an alternative to therapy. Sure, it can be a supplement, but apps can’t replace human interaction.

K-9 mail is the de facto standard of Open Source mail apps.

Here might be an answer for you: https://cilium.io/blog/2018/04/17/why-is-the-kernel-community-replacing-iptables

I also wonder why the replaced iptables with eBPF and not nftables.

Should include LineageOS 19 in the title