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Yeah many do not perform brain scans or medical measurements before prescribing medications…

Two ways:

  • I start from searching for known songs that I enjoy and looking for other linked ones. It can be from CDs, YT channels/algos, SoundCloud, etc. Also under this would be genre-based (works better for instrumentals) and artist-based song search.
  • Incidentally finding “background songs” (public stereo, entertainment shows, Tiktok, etc), followed by lyrics/metadata keywording in search engine (thank god for Shazam these days).

Direct recommendation from people (offline/online) is also possible but usually I don’t click well with theirs.

TL;DW: the artists get into the genre due to its democratized field with no commercial interests; the listeners get in because of its vast music flavors, nostalgic feeling, and (quite clearly) its slow tempo.

Taken from [Tildes' post](https://tildes.net/~science/12uz/swedish_researcher_svante_p%C3%A4%C3%A4bo_has_won_this_years_nobel_prize_for_physiology_or_medicine)

Other findings: * [Does MSG make people thirsty? - Reddit AskCulinary (one paper attached on the top comment)](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskCulinary/comments/eybnax/does_msg_make_people_thirsty/) * [Does MSG cause headaches?](https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/msg-headache) * [Basic taste are anything but basic](https://sites.psu.edu/psychedaboutfoodscience/2016/03/11/basic-tastes/)

Yeah I agree that the other people’s help should be just a supplement for the awareness to clean-up if things get messy (since the first few steps are often really hard).

What happens behind the correlation is quite tentative (I need to look more carefully about the research designs). But the examples you mention might be just a case of “in spite of being disorganized, the work quality is still high enough”, or otherwise “being busy”.

I feel very difficult about this topic, since many of LGBT members (at least in my home country) seem to smoke or vape (and by default I as a non-smoker tend to avoid smokers due to second-hand exposure).

You can check out his other (mostly piano and song cover) music.

I mean, what do you expect from an entity with two blue-balls trying to hold its desire? At least with Meta, they’re gonna lust over those metadata oooh

Never thought an Instagram post about egg flying on wok would lead me here lol

Two theories provided: * Hygiene hypothesis to explain how allergy goes widespread In industrialized areas, higher cleanliness may induce hypersensitivity to allergens. A study reveals that interactions between parasyte worms, commensal bacteria and immune system could give explanation of how the hypothesis works. * Toxin hypothesis to explain how allergy arises in the first place Allergy is an evolutionary result of combating natural toxins.

Also, water seems to be the only "layman thing" every known organism "needs". Not oxygen, not light.

Perhaps not new for some people, but I had no idea about it until just a few weeks ago, and my mind was blown.

MIT 9.13 The Human Brain, Spring 2019
Nancy seems like a really nice professor with nice storytellings.

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I thought I was alone, never thought there will be so many people in the comments experiencing the same thing.

Special relativity between day of the week and time

I feel someone should make an instance exclusively about porn, with linkage to Pornhub Xhamsters etc. I’m willing to make a new account just for that one lolll