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  • Music: I have a few CDs that are in need of a CD player and also have Jellyfin (no server, only local) to listen to my downloaded music on my TV (which mostly comes from Bandcamp). For my phone, I have the Bandcamp app, it’s basic but it does what I need from it.

    Podcasts: via Podcast Addict on my phone (unfortunately no browser version, but that’s gotten less important with the years as I spend less time on my computer and the time I do spend requires enough focus that I don’t listen to podcasts), during sports sessions (podcast for warmup & cooldown, audiobook for the session itself), commutes, walking, cleaning & cooking.

    • For my Mastodon feed, so I don’t have to open yet another app
    • For my Youtube and Nebula subscriptions, same
    • For a few FB pages & others that post events, same
    • For my Lemmy feed, same
    • For all my news feeds (curated, usually) for a quick look at everything
    • For my friends’ posts so I know I won’t miss a single one

    I currently use the premium plan for Inoreader. I like tinyRSS, just didn’t do it for me; I’ve been using RSS since Google Reader.

    For RSS feed recommendations you can also take inspiration from this post:

  • Firefox user here.

    • Bitwarden password manager
    • Bypass Paywalls Clean
    • Clear URLs remove URL trackers
    • Highlight or Hide Search Engine Results to hide some unwanted websites from search results
    • Open in VLC™ media player, useful for some weird streams
    • Push to Kindle sends any text article to PDF or to your ereader (not only Kindle)
    • Recipe Filter filters recipe pages on blogs and just gets the actual ingredients & instructions
    • Redirector for a few paywalls where I use a specific proxy
    • RSS Reader Extension (by Inoreader) - as I use Inoreader for following RSS feeds
    • Sci Hub Injector adds sci-hub links to many science publishing websites for easy access
    • Shinigami Eyes highlights trans-friendly and transphobic social media users or websites
    • uBlock Origin
    • ViolentMonkey for userscripts

    Extensions to be helpful to other people:

    • Picket Line Notifier tells you if the website you are visiting has workers on strike - useful especially for ecommerce & news publishers
    • Snowflake is not noticeable for me, but allows other people to use my network as a Tor node or something idk
    • Wayback Machine archives every page I visit on the Internet Archive.

    Fediverse extensions:

    • FediAct allows me to boost, reply to, follow, etc. on any Mastodon instance without having to open the right link in my own instance. I wish there was something like this for Lemmy and Peertube.
    • Fedishare allows for one-click sharing to several Fediverse platforms, including Lemmy and Mastodon
    • PeerTubeify tries to check if a YouTube video you’re watching is also on PeerTube

    Youtube extensions:

    • Auto HD / 4k / 8k pour YouTube™ - I use it for the environment, so default quality is 480px (because usually I watch the videos on a small side window so it doesn’t change the visible quality)
    • Clickbait Remover for YouTube - replaces thumbnails with a frame from the video and makes all titles normally named, no all caps
    • DF YouTube (Distraction Free) - removes the homepage & sidebar on videos to avoid rabbit holes
    • SponsorBlock auto-skips sponsored segments, intros, credit rolls, etc. on YouTube videos