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  • Just make sure you have port 53 and 80 open. I recently had some problems myself trying to get Pi-Hole up and running. I already had dnsmasq taking up port 53 for a wifi hotspot, which conflicts with Pi-Hole’s own DNS. Aside from that, hosting any websites can also conflict with Pi-Hole’s frontend.

    If you aren’t using your Pi 3 for anything yet then I already assume this shouldn’t be a problem though.

    Good luck and have fun setting up your Pi-Hole!

  • Over the last 2 days I have tried installing both Artix Openrc and Arch with systemd. Both times something was broken with the OS, although I’m not sure if it was just a skill issue on my end or not. However, reinstalling Artix Runit was pretty much seamless. I now think I may be cursed and that I’m now bound to that OS for all of enternity…

  • Mainly just the bloat. Using alternatives (like runit) tend to have faster boot times and are arguably more secure. Most malware for Linux usually attack your system using systemd (like the current Minecraft malware). If you don’t have systemd, then the malware can’t affect you.

    That’s also the same reason why I completely removed sudo and just use rdo instead (a project my friend whipped up within a few days because of a bet).