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A new, experimental approach to male birth control immobilizes sperm
>A paper published Feb. 14 in the journal Nature Communications, presents a novel approach to male contraception that looks promising in mice. Researchers tested a compound that blocks an enzyme sperm need to swim, suggesting a path to a fast-acting, temporary form of contraception. (Though tested in mice, many species including human males have the same enzyme.) >The drug stopped sperm from swimming, slowing their fast-beating tails to a twitch. In humans, this could mean they would never make it out of the vaginal canal past the cervix into the uterus. Further research showed that it was fast-acting, taking about fifteen minutes to have an effect. And it was temporary — it stayed in the system for several hours. > >In those hours, the male and female mice in the study had plenty of sex. Within 2.5 hours after getting the drug, it was100% effective at preventing pregnancies. Within 3.5 hours, it was 91% effective.

I’m not entirely sure, but the Lt. of the PD was quoted giving this hypothetical scenario in which such a robot could be useful:

“I mean, is it possible we have an active shooter in a place we can’t get to? And he’s fortified inside a house? Or we’re trying to get to a person —”

Probably not the offense of assaulting an officer but rather destruction of government property.

Sometimes when I’m in search of something from a specific genre, I head over to Bandcamp and look at a randomized list of Artists for that specific genre. Other times I’ll listen to something on Youtube and then take a look at the recommended Music related to what I’m already listening to.

Creating a Post on Lemmy asking for recommended Music could also be an option of course!

Further [information](https://help.duckduckgo.com/duckduckgo-help-pages/privacy/web-tracking-protections/#cookie-consent-pop-up-management).

How does Degrowth differ from (Eco)Socialism?
I recently read a book about [Degrowth](https://degrowth.info/degrowth) and how Capitalism is destroying our planet and is not helping with our standard of living (among other things). However, the attributes of Degrowth sound a lot like [(Eco)Socialism](https://systemchangenotclimatechange.org/ecosocialism/). Both Ideologies want to remove capitalism and replace it with a social and sustainable market which concentrates on the well being of the people. Everywhere I looked online, it didn't directly compare the two and only talked about how the two factions should band together in the fight against Capitalism for the Planet. Honestly, Degrowth just sounds like a specfic flavor of (Eco)Socialism to me. But then why not just call it Ecosocialism instead of Degrowth? So what exactly is the difference between the two if there even is one? And what are your overall thoughts on this topic?