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    1. lemmy.paxanimi.club для русскоязычных постов. Однако он пока совсем малыш, нужно развивать (постить чаще)

    2. Пока можно подписаться только в виде RSS либо через Mastodon. На Лемми основной фокус это сообщества

    3. Jerboa, Lemmur вам в помощь 😌

  • Okay, this is the topic of large value of risk while the probability is low.

    So how should you feel about it? do we have a future or not?

    The future is uncertain and unknowable. Just because the media freaked out about it all of the sudden doesn’t change this fact. And you as an individual need to learn how to live with this uncertainty.

    The easiest way to do that is to treat it just like any other event that can potentially end your life (like heart attack or aneurysm).