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Repairabilty and durability are more important to me. AFAIK none of the folding phones are particularly repairable or durable.

IMO the concerns are. The latests AI:

  • have capabilities that are/were unexpected.
  • have novel applications that are changing job markets and power balances.
  • have acted deceptively in some cases.
  • have been very persuasive in some cases.

Demo of a p2p reddit alternative
Found it shared by the creator in this reddit [thread.](https://reddit.com/comments/13wuj25/comment/jme7zar)

They are more pro EU than the Tories.

I don’t think they would move to re-join the EU though, they would probably just negotiate a better trade deal for the UK and align the UK closer with EU regulations.

Found this on the Reddit thread:

More realistic (but still glorious) Electoral Calculus:

LAB: 498 (+296)

CON: 61 (-304)

SNP: 36 (-12)

LDM: 29 (+18)

PLC: 4 (=)

Others: 2 (+2)

GRN: 1 (=)

NI: 18

Labour Majority of 346

If you live in the UK please consider signing the petition calling for an early general election: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/619781