It’s sad that our education system is failing so many people that they don’t see through this kind of product. It’s also fucked up that we can’t create a system which regulates against it and protects people from being manipulated so obviously. Chronic pain sucks ass, and I don’t blame someone for giving it a shot when in many cases nothing else works.

For $599 they could have at least made this piece of junk look better than some bucket from the hardware store.


Using Natural Life Force Energy

It may be questionable whether it reduces ‘chronic severe pain’ in normal people, but it most definitely increases it among physicists, particularly in the head region.

What would a physicist know about life force energy


Well, nothing, because it doesn’t exist. I’m saying they’d get a headache, because force and energy are two different physical concepts.

Can we say with certainty that it doesn’t exist? Perhaps it does exist.

But shitty scammer companies like this wouldn’t know how to find it.

And anyone who claims to have it is probably full of bs. Does that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist though?

Well, the correct scientific language would be that there is no evidence of it existing. Equally, I may have an invisible, silent, undetectable person following me at all times. There is no evidence to support that, but I can’t logically state that they aren’t there because you can’t prove a negative. Of course, in normal convesation we would just say that my undetectable friend doesn’t exist.

is there completely zero evidence?

something happens which turns a bunch of molecules and amino acids into ‘life’. we still don’t know what that thing is.

there is evidence of that process occurring in nearly every mm^2 on the planet, yet noone has been able to reproduce it.

is it simple random chemical chance? perhaps, but there’s not exactly clear evidence of that either.

[not defending snakeoil sales people btw, they are scum]

I get that you’re asking a real question, but having something unexplained is not evidence. It is a just a question.

Once you remove actual observable, repeatable data from the conversation anything is possible. Speculation can be fun for its own sake. It can also be productive if we try to find out if it is true.

yeah, i agree its fun to question these things really.

also, i suppose we could say, there’s ALOT more we can observe which is unexplained about this, than there is eg. an invisible friend following you (as far as I’m aware hehe).

but yes, i agree there’s currently no clear evidence any of it exists.

basically i got passingly interested in this topic a while back (‘life’, not woo products lol), as far as i got was essentially we don’t know. so when people say eg. “x doesn’t exist”. but in fact we just don’t know.

here’s about as far as i got on the topic before moving onto other things. some random “interesting” bits in no specific order:

This had also been found from work done 18 years earlier in the Miller-Urey experiment which if I recall used arc discharge rather than a stricly thermal regime [–Urey_experiment]. But essentially you have this gas mixture which simulates prebiotic earth atmosphere, and subject it to various conditions for example simulating lightening, and it can produce amino acids. And we can see the absorption lines of those gases all around the universe. Pretty crazy and interesting.

  • Seeds are actually already living, and living in dormant “suspended animation”. Apparently they very very slowly use up a store of energy and possibly interact with other systems while dormant, and may actually live many thousands of years. The oldest reported successful germination i’m aware of was a 2,000 year old date seed [Sallon et al, 2005]. There was some they thought might be 10,000 years old but the sample turned out to be contaminated. [].

At least not a iota less than any crack witch doctor selling above product 🤡

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