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Basically c/chat + c/gaming. Anything that increases socializing is good especially considering loneliness is on the rise in modern times.

The Lemmyverse chess event just ended which is the most collaborative fedi gaming thing I’ve heard of.

Lemmygrad might have a video gaming together thing too.

List what multiplayer games you’re willing to play with other Fedizens.

  • Check out #fvc, fedi vidya club. I host a bunch of game servers and gather people three nights a week to play. So far, it’s all FOSS games, and because I’m an upsidedownlander, it’s all in upsidedownland timezone. I’ve had a few people complain about that, so I told them to organise in a timeslot convenient for them, but nobody has done this yet. By the way, I tag a bunch of people as a reminderer, let me know if you’d like that.