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Helix 🧬

If I were the CIA and I wanted to create a honeypot, it would look exactly like this.

You might says that of most comercial privacy services…

Helix 🧬

Yes, which is why I don’t trust most of them ;)

Granted, even the likes of need you to trust their builds of Free software.


Your Skiff Mail account gives you access to the first-ever end-to-end encrypted productivity suite.

CryptPad would very much disagree with that.

Dunno, hard to say if this Skiff thing is good or not, but reading their website raises some red flags… might be just BS marketing though.


It is very interesting that they use the IPFS protocol, but it is disappointing that only the front-end is open source and that there is no self-hosted solution.

It’s actually fairly concerning. I trust encryption but it is still always wiser to practice defense in depth. I’d rather not hand out the cyphertext of my messages to anyone who wants to do sidechannel analysis, encryption implementation failures or even just archiving my messages to crack in 50 years when quantum computers become popular.

They’re using Cloudflare which is a bit weird for a “private” service.

Of all the commercial networks they could use, surely CloudFlare is less evil than e.g. Google

Cloudflare isn’t less “evil” than Google by any means. Both are equally bad and should be avoided at all cost

I would disagree. I understand the issues people have with Cloudflare and how their man-in-the-middle as a service business model compromises privacy and internet decentralization in general, but there’s just no comparison to Google, whose business model is to build personalized advertising profiles for all of their users.

Some may make more money than others, but if they spy on you it means that they spy on you and eventually sell your data. You’re the product. And as someone already said in this thread, you cannot self-host. This appears to be neither decentralized nor private.

IMO if you’re starting with your project is understandable, they seem to have a shit ton of money put on it, thought, so that may make it a bit unforgivable, but things can change.


the software looks really good for an open source project, and would probably be very useful for collaborating on documents.

they store your encrypted data on ipfs, so in theory it’s decentralized and there’s no reliance on any one party. except in ipfs you still need a host to keep your file alive while the rest of the network doesn’t care about it, which would be this company, hence why there’s a storage limit. i don’t see any options to self-host or switch host, though technically the software is open source so you can just change the default host in the code. there might have been an easier option that i missed, in fact i really hope there is

deleted by creator

Yeah, the Web3 shit is a bit fishy but maybe they are doing it because it attracks customers, the IPFS thing is a nice addition although the MetaMask shit is not, ultimately, if they provide a good and free e-mail service and the rest does not interfere I am good with it though.

Regarding the PDF thing I think that is optional for inputting it, since I was able to copy the code to my password manager.

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