• Peter1986C@beehaw.org
      1 year ago

      I have read some news on it a while ago and I still think everything got a bit overblown. I do not remember at this point ( I got bigger stuff to care about RN, like possibly most of us do right now), but was that officer not even actually hired but rather a community contributor instead? Plus, surveillance does not have to be against citizens but could also be against organised crime rings. I do understand that cops can be proverbial bastards (especially in the US and certain developing nations and dictatorships), but are some activists and netizens not overreacting a bit?

      And what is your reply* for kind of comment anyway, after your showcase of maturity (/s) when calling something more akin to a potential (massive) PR blunder, “trolling”.

      *Your “have it your way” remark.