Lol someone lost all their apes and downvoted 😂

Stage 1: Denial ✓

Stage 2: Anger <–

Stage 3: Bargaining

Stage 4: Depression

Stage 5: Acceptance


I thought I was stupid for not getting the point of NFTs. It turns out I wasn’t.

The point being to steal people’s money?

People say “hindsight” like foresignt doesn’t exist.

You forgot all the continuity points and planes of X, Y and Z axis. In all ways is NFT just a virtual money laundering scheme.

Also, just saw the display name with the Chinese characters. In that way is 1 divisible be 2? 1, by definition, is the universal divisor, and is therefore not integer divisible by anything.

Someone’s gonna whoooosh me lol

Blockchain can have practical use for fields like supply chain management, energy, banking and food industry. Do NFTs have this quality?

The words you’re looking for are databases and open standard. Blochains solves nothing

Then show me a decentralized currency which doesnt use blockchain.

Raw resources? Money as an entire concept is both irredeemably flawed and an extremely recent invention.

Need food? Get food. Need metal? Get metal. Need a phone? Get a phone. Need healthcare? Get healthcare. If you distribute it so everyone gets a fair share based on their individual needs, there will be no need for money.

I wouldnt call a few thousand years “extremely recent”. And like I said in my other comment, carrying and storing gold or money is a lot more practical than a truck full of vegetables.

I’ll raise you things that are immediately useful to the possessor, like

Have fun renting a whole truck to transport the equivalent of a few grams of gold. Plus gold doesnt go bad.

Good point, I should have said digital currency. Gold is great, but sadly you cant use it to pay online.


They aren’t currencies, they are speculative assets at best!

Speculative assets which you can use to buy things.


Money can exist outside a ledger. Bitcoin can’t, it literally is the ledger, and therefore not money.

Banking was the original pitch for blockchain, sure, but supply chain management? Energy? Food industry?! What about any of those would not be just as well or better served by a regular database? Like, just a plain ol’ SQL server? Which would be easier to host and maintain, faster both in throughput and latency, and would be more energy efficient.


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