A pro-science marxist who is labeled with Autism and ADHD. Psychiatry is a psuedoscientific tool of oppression mostly used by the bourgeoisie and we should oppose it!

Dealing with silent reflux.

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[eww] Why do the form text elements move around when yanking text?
When I yank text longer than the form text element; it splits and stops working.

What if they don’t have that much RAM?

I kind of don’t understand the argument. Yes, social sciences are often not as robust as math or physics. What’s the conclusion here?

The conclusion is that psychiatry is not a hard science.

Psychiatry shouldn’t exist? All the research should stop and all patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar, self harm, depression should be “left alone” (i.e. untreated)?

The post never made any suggestions on what should happen to those demographics. It just explains why psychiatry is not a hard science.

Why Psychiatry Isn’t Scientific (For Laymen)
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/520880 > It's pretty simple to figure once I had a change in perspective; I really wish I figured this out earlier.

Uh oh. I somehow blocked Dessalines and I can’t unblock them cuz they’re an admin.

Microsoft could change their license when enough people rely on their emoji design. It’s what they do to GitHub.

By getting people to use architecture that Microsoft owns. It’s what they’re doing with GitHub right now.

Figuratively too. Most videos are consumerist garbage.

I would not consider Matrix an alternatdve to Signal. The Matrix protocol is messy and I had a lot of " matrix moments™"

How is the matrix protocol messy? It had extraneous metadata, but it got removed in a version.

Also, what is a “matrix moment”?

XMPP with omemo is great, no need for a phone number and decentralised. I like it.

Why not just use that then?

What I mean is that obviusly is not as battle tested as PGP/GPG since is not that old and it’s not as spread as it, now.

That’s a problem when choosing security tools. How do you know the reliability of the tool if it hasn’t been battle tested enough?

But PGP is extremely complicated, overextended, with terrible defaults and backwards compatability with some stuff from the stone age.

I would need to scan the GPG source code to try to understand your point, but I don’t have the time or will to do so.

What terrible defaults though? GPG’s defaults seem fine to me. I might be missing stuff tho.

Effectively the same (through pass).

Did you read all of this page? It shows the alternatives. (Matrix, XMPP)

Their as not as old and extended as PGP but their are based on solid cryptography.


And in terms of security the Signal protocol is the best with diferenre you can get out there.


SIgnal is just as bad as insecure western social medias.

Why do so many crypto bros favor Signal?

I’ll ask this again: Is age and signify battle tested?

It’s not a good look for the blog author when they suggested using Signal and WhatsApp, proprietary but open-source apps.

Is age and signify battle tested?

sigh GitHub? Of all places to post piracy software…

Try finding another SOCKS proxy site.

Unix emulator project maintainer removes FOSS license and writes his own in response to criticism for modifying user data : r/programming
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/290142 > * [Issue #1059](https://github.com/simh/simh/issues/1059). > > * [Another message to issue #1059 by Paul Hardy.](https://groups.io/g/simh/message/1417) > > [Reddit thread.](https://redd.it/usv5nv) > > --- > > The project maintainer is egotistical. I guess that's *another* behavior to not do as a software developer.


Oh yeah I forgot about Red Star OS. (Probably because it gets demonized by western cultures because <sarcasm> 1984 authoritarian government.</sarcasm>)

So that leaves two socialist countries that don’t use Linux:

  • Vietnam
  • Laos

Are there any other socialist countries using Linux? I know Cuba does.

Now tell them about the fediverse…

Thank god I saw this. I vehemently dislike the idea of paying VPNs. I forgot proxies existed for some reason; I used them in the past.

[Idea] An emacs client built for privacy.
I don't know how I would pull it off though.

When did you take privacy seriously?
I still feel like I'm not taking privacy seriously enough. I haven't gotten a VPN yet because that requires pay and I am too lazy to try to get money. (I wish there were free (in pricing) VPNs.)

newsticker is not functioning properly.
I'm getting this error everytime I try to launch newsticker in treeview or plain. ``` apply: Wrong type argument: listp, \.\.\. error in process filter: mapc: Wrong type argument: listp, \.\.\. ``` # Debug Info emacs version: 26.3 OS: Linux (Mint) 20.2 Uma

porn can have real and lasting damaging effects.


Is there a lemmy client for emacs?
Emacs `eww` cannot handle JS, which lemmy requires for function.

gamemode is a (trashy) game booster. (IMO currently, I need time to fully think it over.)
I used `gamemode` because it seemed like a nice performance tool; however it caused performance, stability, and issues (in TeamF2). In TF2, I had irregular frame rates and frame times. I decided to disable `gamemode` to see what would happen; because it's a good idea to test *every* known factor. **I got a consistent frame rate of 60fps and consistent frametime of 16.67ms.** --- > **GameMode** is a daemon/lib combo for Linux that allows games to request a set of optimisations be temporarily applied to the host OS and/or a game process. > GameMode was designed primarily as a stop-gap solution to problems with the Intel and AMD CPU powersave or ondemand governors, but is now host to a range of optimisation features and configurations. > Currently GameMode includes support for optimisations including: >* CPU governor >* I/O priority >* Process niceness >* Kernel scheduler (`SCHED_ISO`) >* Screensaver inhibiting >* GPU performance mode (NVIDIA and AMD), >* GPU overclocking (NVIDIA) >* Custom scripts Constantly changing the behavior of the CPU and priorities can be *very* bad for stability. I think games should focus on optimizing *their code*, instead of relying on third party software. --- Game boosters are known to be snake oil; FOSS game boosters are not an exception.

How do I introduce Linux to my mom?
My mom has a business and mostly uses Windows and Mac OS X; I mentioned Linux because it could help save money. She is unfamiliar with Linux though; I gave her some basic introduction (uncertain if it's any good, but sure), but I would like to be able to ease her into Linux *if she prefers it*.